På tide å rydde opp her i livet ….

DSC_0002-3Wealth is powerful word. It can mean so many things: money in the bank; rich with friends and family who love you; blessings of beautiful and healthy children; the ability to do what you want, when you want; a warm bed: food on the table; good health.

TEEM: Time, Energy, Effort and Money.

It doesn`t matter where you come from. It does not matter what kind of a start you had. All the matters is how you finish.

It does not matter who raised you. It does not matter if you were groomed for failure or groomed for success. Yoy can make a decision to change your life today and live the life you want to live now!

You have to have a vision to stop being a consuming human and instead become an income-producing human. Stop making purchases that are making other people wealthy. Direct your money to places where it will make you money. Turn money into your slave- do not be a slave to it any longer.

So I am asking you that question now: What do you want to do with your life?

Without vision, we perish.

The only thing that determines sucess is results!

If you increase your skill, you will increase your pay.

Your value determines whether you will succed-and the only thing that produces value is skills. You need three skill sets: professional skills, people skills, and personal and leadership development skills.

Having great people skills will change every area of your life. Knowing how to interact with people to get what you want will change your work life, your family life, and your community life. Why? Because you are a person! You work with people, eat with people, live with people, and sleep with people. You may have even given birth to people. They are everywhere.

The most powerful motivations a human being can experience are feeling special and important.

If you want an absolute guarantee of change in your life, simply changing the circumstances will not work. Changing how you deal with people around you is the only guarantee of change happening in your life.

When you are responsible, you no longer blame your boss, your customers, your family, your parents, or the economy. You are in charge, and you can create wealth and live the life you want now.

Focus on finding answers. Feed the solutions, not the problem.

You do need a few elements such as enthusiasm, persistance, and a strong belief and faith in what you are doing to succeed. You need to be a risk-taker and adventurous. You have to get over things quickly- let the worries and failures run off you like water on a duck`s back.

You need to be excited about your life and your relationships. You need to have enthusiasm for people to want to be a part of what you are doing, whether it is working in a job or working as a volunteer or working with your family or working in a business. Enthusiasm is what gives us hope and what makes us more attractive to other people.

To succeed in life, you have to take risks and truly be adventurous.

There are people all around you who have success in some areas of their lives. When you are teachable, you find them. When you are unteachable, you think you are them.

People who are successful love to tell other people about how they did it. People who have great marriages love to talk about their great marriages. Yet people`s egos are so flipping big that they do not want anyone to know they need help. That is the reality.

Care about opinions of those who have what you want, but do not listen to the opinions of those who do not have what you want.

Make a commitment to stop hurting people and to be someone who is building people up and creating good relationshiops. Be a source to other people. Be part of a rare breed of people who is achieving success and wealth while honoring others.

To succeed in life, in relationships, or in business, you have to know how to deal with people.

Forgiveness is not a one-time event. It needs to be part of your daily life. Keep your heart clean, keep your hands clean.

When your mind is caught up in resentment about your past and locked up in a prison of those who have failed you, hurt you, or gossiped behind your back, your mind is absorbed with worthless, dead things.

It is never the circumstances that determine your success in life, but rather how you deal with the circumstances that determines your success in life.

Prosper with what you have and you will be made ruler over much more. Your answer might be right in front of you, and maybe you don`t like it. The road to success is often paved with things we do not want to do.

If you can be faithful with your time, you will be a ruler with much more time. If you can be faithful with the money you are given, you can be a ruler over much more money. If you can be faithful with the influence you have, you will be given much more influence.

You have to be focused on where you are. You have to be 100 percent focused on the task in front of you. Don`t let your focus be split. Section it off so every game you play is the one in front of you. Play it to the fullest, and play it to win.

If you waste time, you lose it forever. Time is something you never get back again, and it is more valuable than money.

When you focus on what is in front of you, you focus on what you have, not what you don`t have. When you focus on doing the task with excellence and diligence, you maximize your time. If you maximize your time, you will be promoted to do bigger and better things that you will do with your time. People who are not faithful with their time can stay stuck in their jobs or businesses and never reach the fullness of their potential. Highly successful people are very good with their time.

It is not always the products and services that make people happy. It is the relationship you have with them that makes them happy about being your client. How they feel about it is more important than the product itself. People are not loyal to the products, they are loyal to the people. If they like you, they will do business with you. If they do not like you, they will do business with somebody else.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to know how to sell. But selling is not about trying to get people to like you or buy your products; it is about building relationships and growing your influence. It is about honoring people around you. It is about making people feel valued.

It is so easy to influence people. It boils down to this simple thing: give people what they want. What do people want? Everybody wants to feel special. Every human we pass by every single day wants to feel valued. They want to know they matter to somebody. It is easy to gain influence in another person`s life simply by valuing him or her.

Treat everyone like he or she is a friend.

Learn to show a genuine interest in other people, which establishes trust very easily. The best way to do this is to let people talk about themselves.

Listening is being genuinely interested.

A compliment is the greatest icebreaker.

You do not have to do “sales” when you practice business development. Your relationship will sell you. People will buy your product naturally because they trust and like working with you. They will like you because you make them feel valued, not because of your accomplishments, looks, or personality. Focus on business development, not selling.

Relationship marketing isn`t about just going through the motions of keeping your arms open or smiling at people. It is about putting it all together and making a connection with people.

Honoring people can make you a lot of money, but don`t focus on the money. Focus on the people.

FORM: “F” stands for family. “O” stands for occupation. “R” stands for recreation. “M” stands for message.

SIGN-strengths, interests, goals, needs.

You should honor, value, and recognize the people all around you, and act in your job as if you own the place and want the people stay there.

Instead of trying to get something from someone in return, have the larger view of trying to make a difference in the world and in your community. You will be amazed at the outcome and where it will take you.

Changing yourself is the only absolute guarantee of something you can change. Changing your circumstances or changing the people around you is not going to work.

When you understand how you are designed and how others were designed, you can learn to work together in harmony.

Invest in your job like it is your own company, and that`s how you will get promoted. Turn where you work into something better then it is.

A raise means an increase- and you get an increase by increasing. You have to get better than when you got there, and you have to make it better. You have to make a difference instead of just sucking up oxygen and expecting a paycheck.

If you find a way to love your job now, you will be given more. If you cannot manage your current job, how can you manage a bigger one? If you cannot manage your employees now, how can you manage them if your business grows? One of the basic steps to wealth is to take care of what you already have.

Employee-preneurs invest their hearts and souls into the job. They want to improve their company. They make investments in the owner`s business and treat it as if they are the owners. They ask:” How can I help the company grow? How can I make things better here? How can I make myself irreplaceable? How can I make sure that they know that I have done something that causes a change for the better?”

If you carry the attitude that you are taking ownership of a company, and make it your job to ensure that it succeeds, your thinking will take a dramatic skift.

Look for satisfaction in your work.

The difference between employees and employee-preneurs is employees are looking for the work to give them satisfaction, while employee-preneurs look for satisfaction in the work.

You can not grow if you are afraid of taking risks and making mistakes.

Build a foundation of making yourself incredibly valuable to your job, to the boss, to the company, to the clients.

You become valuable to your boss if you get the job done and relieve stress for him or her. But it is more than just getting the job done- it is the working relationship. Do not think of your work as just a job, somethinh you have to do. You are a partner on a team, and you want that team to be successful.

No matter what you do, you have to wrap your head around the fact that you are in some sort of sales.

Even if you don`t  think your boss will notice, that should not stop you from trying to make an investment in the business and helping it grow.

Adopt an entrepreneur mindset of figuring out what skills you need and then getting training for them. Appreciate the free training your company gives you. Take advantage of more education. Invest more into yourself.

It is never circumstances that determines success in life; it is what you do with your circumstances that determines success in life.

If you focus on where you want to go and how you want to help your company to succeed, you will become more valuable to your workplace.

There is great power in decision. Everything in life boils down to our choices. When your finally make a decision, everything begins to click. Think about it: whenever you put your heart into something, you succeed. Even against all odds, you overcome.

There is something powerful that takes place in you when you get to the point of making decision and following through with it. It`s when we leave room for excuses that we fail.

When you make a solid decision it is always followed by action and action leads to success.

When you immediately follow your decisions with actions, a funnel of favor begins. Doors begin to open. People begin to help. Your life`s purpose becomes clear, and self-motivation mobilizes you from the inside out. Excitement runs wild within you as you think of the possibilities you are about to experience.

You have to interview instead of sell. Selling causes people to guard their wallets. Interviewing causes them to impress you and tell you why they need you, versus your having to tell them why they need you.

Keep your focus on your clients instead of promoting yourself.

Start where you are!

Do something that makes a profit. Or find somebody else`s profitable idea and do that.

Teachability is key to long-lasting success as an entrepreneur. It means being hungry enough to pursue success, being willing to learn from masters, and putting aside your ego for your success.

Being unteachable leads to big mistakes, more stress, and less money.

Surround yourself with success-minded people who will help you grow and support your dreams. That can make all the difference between powerty and wealth.

With whom do you flock- chickens or eagles?

Successful entrepreneurs have a “no excuse” mindset. There has to be a solutions, there has to be a way. Whether you dig under it, around it, or go over it, an entrepreneur is not easily stumped. Entrepreneurs often think in terms of what can be done versus what cannot.

Entrepreneurs are obviously driven. And drive is not necessarily just desire, vision, hope or “someday I will get there”. Drive is actually getting it done, and getting it done now. Entrepreneurs have very strong initiative. Drive does not need to be motivated or told what to do. And drive is not waiting for what is convenient.

If you want to be successful, you have to learn to think beyond your little box.

You have to expose your product, service, ideas, or yourself- whatever it is you are marketing. When it comes to exposing your offer you must think outside the box.

If you cultivate the relationship properly, exposure will bring you an entire clientele. Never see an individual as one person. According to social scientists, that one person has at least two thousand people behind him or her that you can access if you cultivate the relationship properly.

It is important to create a harmonious environment with the people who work for your company. Do not call them your staff or your employees-they are a part of your “team”. Make them feel valued and appreciated so they think like owners of your business and speak positively about your business to the public.

The truth is that facts tell and stories sell.

Every presentation you give must include testimonials-stories from people who have bought your product and it changed their lives.

You should always track your numbers because numbers do not lie, but feelings often do. Facts tell the truth. So it`s important to always track your numbers.

You want to build leadership bacause by building leadership there is a better chance you can build loyalty. With the beautiful ingredient of loyalty, people are willing to work through the good and bad times together.

Leaders are not born leaders; they are developed. Leadership is a skill.

Leaders must have the desire to be a leader. Second, they must have the desire to invest in themselves. You cannot just hand it to them-they have to be willing to make the effort and spend the time and money to develop their skills. Third, they must learn from a leader who wants to motivate people. Finally, they must have a cause or vision big enough to cause other people to want to be a part of it.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you want to train your mind to manage your time well.

You should be focusing on solutions. And the solutions for any business is growth.

When times get tough, it is relationships that keep an organization together. It is never product or service. If there is no relationship, there is no loyalty.

You reap what you sow. A stingy man will be impoverished, but a giver- someone who is generous- will always have his needs met.

Stop being a victim, and start being the wise victor. Stop being a consuming human and become a multiple-income-producing one.

If you help other people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Dani Johnson



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